Beard Hair Transplant

Growing a beard isn't a simple task for a lot of guys. Some try a razor to grow a beard but it doesn't grow uniformly on the face, resulting in patchy facial hair instead of a stylish beard. Beards are a sign of masculinity for men, some men like elegant beards and some like a clean shaved look. Each individual has a unique pattern of beard, some have thick and coarse beard hairs.

Unfortunately, some individuals reach adulthood but are unable to grow adequate beards. For men who are looking to grow their beard and aren’t able to gain hair then a beard hair transplant is ideal for you.

Under this procedure, the hairs are transplanted in the beard region after taking out from other parts of the body.

What is a Beard Hair Transplant?

Beard hair transplants are for those who experience patchy beards or who want facial hair restoration. Under this, hair is taken from one part of the body and transplanted to the area where you want a beard.

Causes of Beard Hair Loss

The cause of the bread hair loss commonly differs from one patient to another are as follows:

  • Medication: You may lose hair if you underwent or currently undergoing any medical treatment or medication
  • Trauma: Prolonged stress can lose trigger facial hair loss
  • Scars: Injuries from scars and poor shaving

The procedure of Beard Hair Transplant

  • Surgical planning will be done with the patients and markings are done
  • 4 out of 5 sample grafts are taken out and the average length of grafts is calculated. Slits are made in the desired area of the beard using cut-to-size blades.
  • The procedure involves some steps as FUE or FUT. A normal density of 40-80 hairs/ is natural. Usually, 2000 to 2500 grafts are necessary for a good aesthetic.
  • Eventually, the grafts are implanted using implanters as in the decided beard region.

Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant

  • Ideal beautifying approaches
  • Natural results
  • Improves confidence
  • Younger looks
  • Transplanted hairs function as normal
  • New beard can be trimmed and shaved as usual

Dr Pranil More has extensive knowledge in this field and has charted a path through advanced method of surgery which is beyond the reach of patients.

Disclaimer: Every patient’s recovery and results may vary from person to person